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Fun in our Secret Garden!

We took advantage of the lovely weather  today and ventured up to the Secret Garden. We played ‘Winter Dragon’ a great co-operative game and then took part in a teambuilding exercise – making a den! It was lovely to see the children working together, practising their communication skills,  judging when to listen to others and accept their propsals and when  to press forward with their own ideas. All the children tried really hard and were proud of their achievements. To finish off the afternoon we made new  Tree Bogarts from clay to live in the garden. Do you like them?

“I am a Winter Dragon!”



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Welcome Back Everyone!

All the chidren in Nurture had a really good first day back at school! They settled  quickly into their new classes and I’ve had lots of postive comments from class teachers about how polite and eager to learn our Nurture children were!

Well done Nurture! It’s great to have you all back!


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Process Art! Let’s do it!

We have enjoyed experiencing  Process Art this week. Process art is not about teaching children how to do art. It’s about creating a space for them to discover it for themselves. It is about freedom, not rules.With a practice of process art, we’re more interested in how the art is being created than in what the finished product is going to look like.

Process Art is all about the experience: how you feel as you experiment with your materials, the ideas that you get, and the opportunity to try new things.

If the end result looks beautiful, consider that a bonus. But it is the doing, trying, thinking, and experimenting that is the main focus here. Sometimes you will consider the end product ugly. Great! You’ve learned something about the materials, colours, technique, or your own relationship to art. These mistakes are just as valuable to your art practice and development as an artist.