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Chinese New Year

This week we have been learning about Chinese New Year which starts on 27th January. We learnt the story about the origins of the Chinese New Year and found out that  2017 is the Year of The Rooster!  We each chose our favourite animal from the story and wrote about the part they play. We then enjoyed experiencing some of the Chinese customs that are celebrated at this time. Have a look to see what we got up to!img_1912

We made a delicious Chinese Stir-fry!



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Music, sweet music…

Today we were lucky enough to have a music specialist join us for the afternoon. We learnt about rhythm, pulse and how to conduct our own mini orchestra! We decided to create a thunder storm. We found out the names of the instruments,  explored their sounds and decided which ones to use to create an atmospheric storm.We discussed  how loudly or softly we should be play them to represent all the  different phases of the storm! We then took it in turns to conduct our own orchestra.

Watch this space… we may have a budding Mozart in out midst!



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A Winter Landscape!

The children explored a variety of winter landscapes and thought about how they could be painted. We learnt about creating space in a landscape through size and placement choices. First we sketched in the hills and bare branched trees, and added a moon and a few footprints in the snow. Next, we painted colourful skies to contrast with the hills of white snow and topped it off with some snowflake spots using the back end of our watercolor brushes.Sometimes simple is all you need for just the right look!We think they look great! What do you think?



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Melting Moments and more …

The children in Nurture love to bake especially when they get to eat the fruits of their labour at snack time and also have a couple of goodies to take home too!

This week we made Melting Moments and all agreed they were a delicious success! Alongside all the traditional skills involved with baking, the children were also learning how to work together as a group, take turns, share, listen carefully to instructions and follow them exactly, patience, perseverance (believe me not everything goes right the first time!) and attention to detail! Super learning!


Our sensory experience this week was shaving foam! Although the children all respond differently to sensory experiences, these experiences can be therapeutic, improve motor skills, raise awareness of how the world works, and contribute to language acquisition. They are also lots of fun!


Your hard work was recognised by the headteacher! Well done!


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Happy New Year

The Nurture children settled back into school really well after the holiday and we were so pleased how quickly they started working hard again.

In Nurture, we heard lots of exciting news about all the adventures and new toys the children received at Christmas time. The children completed a news sheet and then we had a group quiz to practise good listening skills.


We played the Jelly beans game this week to help develop the children’s communication and problem solving skills. The children were given a mixed selection of coloured jelly beans. The challenge was for each child to collect a set of beans all the same colour. They worked hard at the skills of politeness, and respectful negotiations. The adults were there to support but never lead the negotiations.


Well done to our mathematician of the week. You got this from your class teacher for being a superstar in maths!