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From soil to tummy in 30 minutes!

This week we went to the allotment and  pulled up some of our spring onions that have been growing over the winter months. We were delighted to find they were really healthy and ready to eat. After lots of discussion, we agreed on using them to make Welsh Rarebit (cheese and onion on toast). It was absolutely delicious and tasted so much better because we had made it with our own homegrown, freshly picked spring onions!

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Healthy Living Week

We have been celebrating health and wellness this week in Prince Edwards.  All across school children have been focusing on healthy eating and drinking and physical activity, in order to encourage healthy living.

In nurture we talked about how we all need to eat a variety and balance of food to stay healthy. We learned that to be active and healthy, we need nutritious food to give us energy. We then made delicious fruit kebabs wands with a melon star on top! Yummy and healthy!

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Time to cook!

We all fancied  making some vegetable soup with our produce and one member of our group just could not believe ‘chips’ were made from potatoes. So we decided to make some healthy potato wedges. We all helped reading the recipes, preparing and cooking the food. We had a great time and  the delicious smell of cooking wafted around our room all afternoon!


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Chocolate Heaven!

The Nurture children have been longing to bake a chocolate cake for quite some time, so when one of the group told us it was his birthday the next day, we had the perfect excuse to roll up our sleeves, put our aprons on and get baking!

While we are baking we are practising lots of the skills we are learning in our Nurture group, such as sharing, taking turns, listening, following instructions, paying attention to detail, being careful, accepting disappointments, helping each other, patience, as well as talking, laughing, bonding and generally having a jolly enjoyable time! image

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Pizza for Snack time!

All the nurture children adore Pizza, so we decided to make our own for snack time. Everyone talked about their favourite topping and remembered a time when they had enjoyed eating pizza with family or friends. We then had a rather passionate discussion about which toppings we should have on our nurture pizza. Finally we agreed on pepperoni and red pepper! Great practise of our negotiating skills!

As we made the pizza the children chanted out loud each and every step of the process (talk for writing) and by end everyone couldl tell their friend exactly how to make pizza! All ready for writing down the recipe instructions … we wouldn’t want to forget how to make such a yummy treat!IMG_1993

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Chinese New Year

This week we have been learning about Chinese New Year which starts on 27th January. We learnt the story about the origins of the Chinese New Year and found out that  2017 is the Year of The Rooster!  We each chose our favourite animal from the story and wrote about the part they play. We then enjoyed experiencing some of the Chinese customs that are celebrated at this time. Have a look to see what we got up to!img_1912

We made a delicious Chinese Stir-fry!