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Not just planting pansies!

In Nurture every small activity is used as a learning opportunity. Here the children are working in pairs to plant pansies in tin cans. However to achieve success in the task I asked them to: share the steps equally between them, to be courteous, to use encouraging words with each other, to work with each other in a respectful and considerate manner and to amiable! It was tricky at times, but with support all the children managed to achieve it! Well done Nurture!

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From soil to tummy in 30 minutes!

This week we went to the allotment and  pulled up some of our spring onions that have been growing over the winter months. We were delighted to find they were really healthy and ready to eat. After lots of discussion, we agreed on using them to make Welsh Rarebit (cheese and onion on toast). It was absolutely delicious and tasted so much better because we had made it with our own homegrown, freshly picked spring onions!

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Mothers Day Afternoon Tea

Of all the rights of women, the greatest is to be a mother.


We have been very busy this  week making  cards and presents  for our mums and baking lots of goodies for our special Mothers Day Tea afternoon. We enjoyed chatting away with our mums whilst we tucked into sandwiches, fairy cakes, flapjacks, jam tarts , all perpared and baked by us! It was a great afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed by all!