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Chocolate Heaven!

The Nurture children have been longing to bake a chocolate cake for quite some time, so when one of the group told us it was his birthday the next day, we had the perfect excuse to roll up our sleeves, put our aprons on and get baking!

While we are baking we are practising lots of the skills we are learning in our Nurture group, such as sharing, taking turns, listening, following instructions, paying attention to detail, being careful, accepting disappointments, helping each other, patience, as well as talking, laughing, bonding and generally having a jolly enjoyable time! image

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Bread – Day 1- Making the dough!

As part of our learning about The Little Red Hen story we decided to see just how hard The Little Red Hen had to work when she made the bread. We enjoyed kneading the soft, warm dough and then we popped it into the fridge and left it to rise overnight. All ready for baking tomorrow!