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This week, the children have completed lots of activities to develop their teamwork skills. They have all worked really hard and have really impressed me with how they have interacted with each other.

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Fairtrade Fortnight

Over the last 2 weeks, we have been learning all about Fairtrade. We have learnt where different foods come from and how they are grown. This week, we have made our own Fairtrade chocolate brownies and our own Fairtrade lemonade. We then invited some special visitors to our Fairtrade party.

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Splatter Art

This week, we have created some paint splatter art. Once it had dried and we removed the tape, the children filled in the empty spaces with words to describe themselves.
We have some happy, friendly and caring children in nurture!

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Our current topic in nurture is friendship.

We have interviewed each other, made posters, collected and painted friendship rocks and played games together.

The children have really worked hard to find out things about each other and are all now really good friends.

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Playing games

Playing games is an important part of nurture. It teaches the children how to take turns and manage disappointments if they lose the game. Today the children played ‘Greedy Gorilla’ and they all congratulated the winner!

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It has been a very special week in Nurture this week because 2 of our amazing children have graduated! They have worked so hard and will now be in their class full time.

We will miss them lots but we know they’ll be absolutely amazing in their class.

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Process Art!

Today the children enjoyed experiencing Process Art whilst listening to classical music! With Process Art, the children are not taught how to do art, but to discover it for themselves. Its about freedom, not rules. Its about how the art is being created than what the finished product is going to look like. Process art is all about how you feel as you experiment with the materials. The children agreed it made them feel pretty good!

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Not just planting pansies!

In Nurture every small activity is used as a learning opportunity. Here the children are working in pairs to plant pansies in tin cans. However to achieve success in the task I asked them to: share the steps equally between them, to be courteous, to use encouraging words with each other, to work with each other in a respectful and considerate manner and to amiable! It was tricky at times, but with support all the children managed to achieve it! Well done Nurture!