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You Reap What You Sow!

We popped over to our allotment this afternoon and were amazed to find our broad beans were ready to be harvested. We enjoyed picking them and those of us who were brave enough, ate some raw! They were so delicious! We also pulled out some carrots and a potato!


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Star of the Week!

Mrs Lohoar, your class teacher visited Nurture especially to present you with this prestigious award! You have been working your very best in class, showing curiosity and interest in your work and taking an active part in your group! Well done you!


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This week we have been exploring the idea of working democratically and solving problems together. In two teams, the children devised  an obstacle course using whatever props they could find around the classroom, trying to make it as interesting as possible. Afterwards, each group demonstrated to the other team how to use their obstacle course and they took turns using each other’s courses.

We talked about why it is better, if people are working together, for everyone to be co-operative. How do we know if someone isn’t? What sort of problems arise if people do not co-operate? We also talked about  what gets in the way of being co-operative such as thinking faster than someone else or being irritated by someone else, and how we can manage these feelings.

We ended the session with each child finishing the sentence “I was co-operative when …”.

Superb ideas and great team work by everyone today!


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Chocolate Heaven!

The Nurture children have been longing to bake a chocolate cake for quite some time, so when one of the group told us it was his birthday the next day, we had the perfect excuse to roll up our sleeves, put our aprons on and get baking!

While we are baking we are practising lots of the skills we are learning in our Nurture group, such as sharing, taking turns, listening, following instructions, paying attention to detail, being careful, accepting disappointments, helping each other, patience, as well as talking, laughing, bonding and generally having a jolly enjoyable time! image

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Watch this space!

We have spent lots of time on our allotment this week. The soil needed refining as there were many stones and weeds covering it. The children enjoyed the fresh air and worked co-operatively  together to prepare the bed. We planted broad beans and cabbages and talked about how much hard work it takes to grow vegetables. As with anything in life, our hard work will pay off and we will be rewarded when we are sitting down to eat our broad bean and cabbage soup! image