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Fun in our Secret Garden!

We took advantage of the lovely weather  today and ventured up to the Secret Garden. We played ‘Winter Dragon’ a great co-operative game and then took part in a teambuilding exercise – making a den! It was lovely to see the children working together, practising their communication skills,  judging when to listen to others and accept their propsals and when  to press forward with their own ideas. All the children tried really hard and were proud of their achievements. To finish off the afternoon we made new  Tree Bogarts from clay to live in the garden. Do you like them?

“I am a Winter Dragon!”



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Telling the Truth …

We have had lots of discussions about telling the truth in Nurture this week. We’ve talked about why it is important to tell the truth , which sort of things are VERY IMPORTANT to be truthful about and other siutations when it is still IMPORTANT to tell the truth about what happened. We realised there are other times when it is OK to tell a small white lie to stop somebody from feeling hurt. We also talked about how we should NEVER keep a secret that feels wrong or uncomfortable.

truth 1truth 2

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When I feel angry…

This week we have been talking about feeling angry. Everyone feels angry sometimes, so we talked about  all the things that make us  angry, such as when someone hurts us or calls us names or when we think something is unfair. We talked about how anger makes us feel inside and how hard it is to stop feeling angry. Some of us thought at first, that is is wrong to feel angry, so we talked about how anger is a normal feeling, just ike any other feeling and  that it is OK to feel angry, but is is not OK to hurt people or damage things when we feel angry. Here are a few of the things we decided we could do to let our anger out…



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Time to cook!

We all fancied  making some vegetable soup with our produce and one member of our group just could not believe ‘chips’ were made from potatoes. So we decided to make some healthy potato wedges. We all helped reading the recipes, preparing and cooking the food. We had a great time and  the delicious smell of cooking wafted around our room all afternoon!


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Welcome Back Everyone!

All the chidren in Nurture had a really good first day back at school! They settled  quickly into their new classes and I’ve had lots of postive comments from class teachers about how polite and eager to learn our Nurture children were!

Well done Nurture! It’s great to have you all back!