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Chinese New Year

This week we have been learning about Chinese New Year which starts on 27th January. We learnt the story about the origins of the Chinese New Year and found out that  2017 is the Year of The Rooster!  We each chose our favourite animal from the story and wrote about the part they play. We then enjoyed experiencing some of the Chinese customs that are celebrated at this time. Have a look to see what we got up to!img_1912

We made a delicious Chinese Stir-fry!




4 thoughts on “Chinese New Year

  1. Riley thinks the stir-fry sounds delicious! He would love to try some!
    Raegan-Lea hopes you had great fun making fortune cookies!
    Shanice would like to make fortune cookies herself!

    Amber class love your post about Chinese New Year!


  2. You all look like you enjoyed celebrating Chinese new year!
    What did the fortune cookies taste like? We have never tried them!
    We thought we could smell delicious food cooking from our classroom! it must have been your stirfry! love Topaz Class


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